Christian Corbet - RCN Sculptor-in-Residence

Christian Corbet’s partnership with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) began in 2010 when he offered to donate a sculpted bust of Admiral Sir Chalres Kingsmill on the  occasion of Canada’s Naval Centennial. 

The RCN’s appreciation of this gift inspired Christian to donate a second bust, of CPO Max Bernays, in 2011, and he has since committed to an annual donation of a similar bust of significant Canadian naval figures.  See all of the busts donated to date.

About the Sculptor

Christian Corbet is widely-recognized as one of Canada’s pre-eminent artists, practicing in various mediums but especially painting and sculpture, dealing largely in portraiture.  He co-founded and was the first President of the Canadian Portrait Academy (CPA), and has been commissioned to undertake works on subjects including HM the Queen Mother, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,  KG,  KT., Sir Winston Churchill, Margaret Atwood and Dr. Jane Goodall. His works are collected in over 100 art galleries, museums and institutions worldwide. Additional details on his career and art can be found at:

In Christian’s own words:

It's exciting to be able to create portraits of some of the Royal Canadian Navy's most esteemed personages. My role as Sculptor-in-Residence is to help put a three dimensional face to my subjects and also to add my own take on their personality. Helping document time is what I do best and I can only hope that my sculptures will help increase the knowledge and  appreciation of the Navy and the fine art of portrait sculpture within Canada and abroad.  

The RCN Sculptor in Residence Program

In 2012, in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the RCN and the preservation of its important legacy, Christian Corbet was named Sculptor in Residence for the Royal Canadian Navy, the first such honour to be bestowed by the RCN. The program is renewable every seven years and requires specific qualifications and commitments,  including the annual presentation of a bust or other work of art honouring an important figure in Naval history.