Battle of the Atlantic Heroes: Sub-Lieutenant A.R.H Brown

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Battle of the Atlantic Heroes / April 30, 2021

By Wayne Brown,
Son of A.R.H Brown

My father, A.R.H. Brown, was a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR). He joined A Troop Cavalry Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in 1940, but switched to the RCNVR in 1943. My mother was not too happy as she felt being in the navy, he could die twice -- once when his ship might be torpedoed and then when he was in the water -- but she stood by him and married him in 1943.

He started as an ordinary seaman and served in His Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Burlington and HMCS Trillium. In 1944, he went to King's College in Halifax and was promoted to the rank of sub-lieutenant. In 1945, he served as a signals officer in HMCS North Bay and was at sea when Germany surrendered.

My parents rarely talked about the war as many of their friends had died in service, but I was able to glean bits and pieces from my father over the years and by accessing his war records.

I am very proud of his service and all who served and those serving today.

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