HMCS Shawinigan

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Shawinigan K136.

There have been two vessels named Shawinigan in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Shawinigan (1st of name) (K136)

Commissioned on 19 September 1941 at Québec City, Québec, the Flower Class corvette Shawinigan arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 27 October. She joined Sydney Force in November but on 13 January 1942 arrived at St. John’s, Newfoundland, to join Newfoundland Command. She left 25 January to escort convoy SC.66 to Londonderry, Northern Ireland, her first of three round trips. In mid-May she left Londonderry for the last time, and was assigned to Halifax Force as escort to Québec-Labrador convoys. She joined Western Local Escort Force that November, commencing a refit at Liverpool, Nova Scotia. In June 1943, Shawinigan joined the recently established Escort Group W-3. In April 1944, while undergoing another refit at Liverpool, she was transferred to W-2 and, on completion of the refit in mid-June, proceeded to Bermuda to work up. On 25 November, while on independent anti-submarine patrol out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, she was torpedoed in the Cabot Strait by the submarine U-1228 and lost with all hands.

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Shawinigan 704.

HMCS Shawinigan (2nd of name) (704)

In May 1992, a contract was let to Halifax Shipyards Ltd, Halifax, Nova Scotia, to build 12 Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDV) of the Kingston class. They were designed to commercial standards and intended to conduct coastal patrols, minesweeping, law enforcement, pollution surveillance and response as well as search and rescue duties. The ships can be fitted with modular payloads to carry out the assigned duties.

Shawinigan was commissioned at Trois-Rivières, Québec, on 14 June 1997. On 28 June 1998, she celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Naval Reserve by participating in a sail past in Halifax Harbour and was featured on a commemorative postage stamp. She is crewed almost entirely by naval reservists. In 2003, she successfully conducted fisheries patrols off the south coast of Newfoundland. The year 2004 saw her work alongside the submarine HMCS Windsor in support of diving exercises, participate in Acadia’s 400th Anniversary celebrations and carry out further fisheries patrols. In 2005, she participated in an international mine warfare exercise as well as being the first MCDV to transit to the Canadian North. In 2006, Shawinigan conducted escort duty for sailing vessels and operated as a platform for race officials during the “Route Halifax Saint-Pierre 2006” race involving more than 45 international and Canadian yachts. She is stationed in Halifax and continues to conduct exercises and operations in support of Canada’s domestic and international policies.

Badge of HMCS Shawinigan.

Badge of HMCS Shawinigan.

Motto:Fais bien ce que tu fais” (Do Well What You Are Doing)

Battle honours

  • Gulf of St. Lawrence 1942, 1944
  • Atlantic 1942-1944
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