HMCS Ottawa

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Ottawa H60.

There have been four vessels named Ottawa in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Ottawa (1st  of the name) (H60)

Completed in 1932 as HMS Crusader, this “C” Class destroyer was purchased and commissioned as Ottawa on 15 June 1938 at Chatham, England. She arrived at Esquimalt, British Colombia on 7 November and, with war approaching, left for Halifax, Nova Scotia, almost one year later on escort duties. While escorting convoy ON.127, she was torpedoed and sunk by the submarine U-91 in the North Atlantic on 13 September 1942. One hundred and fourteen of her ship’s company were lost. Postwar reassessment of U-boat kills credit Ottawa with a share in the sinking of the Italian submarine Faa Di Bruno in the North Atlantic on 6 November 1940.

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Ottawa H31.

HMCS Ottawa(2nd of the name) (H31)

Completed as HMS Griffin in 1936, this “G” Class destroyer served with the Royal Navy until commissioned in the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Griffin on 20 March 1943. She was renamed Ottawa on 10 April. She served in the North Atlantic and took part in the invasion of France with the Escort Group 11. Following patrols in the English Channel and Bay of Biscay, she took part, in the destruction of three German submarines.  She returned to Canada for refit on October 1944 in which waters she remained until paid off on 1 November 1945 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Ottawa was broken up in 1946.

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Ottawa 229.

HMCS Ottawa (3rd of the name) (229)

Built by Canadian Vickers in Montreal, Quebec, the St-Laurent class destroyer Ottawa was commissioned there on 10 November 1956. She was converted to a helicopter-carrying destroyer in 1963. In 1968, she was the first designated francophone naval unit. Ottawa conducted North Atlantic Treaty Organization and allied exercises, fisheries and sovereignty patrols during the Cold War. She was paid off on 31 July 1992 and left Halifax in tow for India on 4 April 1994 to be broken up.

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Ottawa 341.

HMCS Ottawa(4th of the name) (341)

The Halifax Class frigate Ottawa was launched in Saint John, New Brunswick on 31 May 1996 and was commissioned in Cornwall, Ontario on 28 September 1996. She transferred to Esquimalt, British Columbia in late 1996. On 16 June 1998, Ottawa sailed to join the USS Abraham Lincoln’s Carrier Battle Group in the Adriatic, enforcing the United Nations trade embargo against Iraq. She was the first Canadian unit to be assigned to such a group. Ottawa continues to contribute to the defence of Canada and to the global Campaign against Terrorism.

Badge of HMCS Ottawa.

Badge of HMCS Ottawa.

Motto:Egor Beofor” (Ocean Beaver) 

Battle honours

  • Atlantic 1939-1945
  • Normandy 1944
  • English Channel 1944
  • Biscay 1944
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