HMCS Cowichan

A ship travelling on the water.

HMCS Cowichan J146.

There have been three vessels named Cowichan in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Cowichan

Commissioned at Vancouver, British Columbia on 4 July 1941, the Bangor class minesweeper Cowichan sailed from Esquimalt for Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 6 August and arrived on 10 September. After working up in Bermuda, she was initially assigned to Halifax Local Defence Force, but was transferred in January 1942 to Newfoundland Force and in September to Western Local Escort Force.

In June 1943, Cowichan became a member of Escort Group W-6. She remained with the group until February 1944, when she was ordered to the United Kingdom for invasion duties. She left Halifax on 19 February with HMCS Caraquet, Malpeque and Vegreville via the Azores for Plymouth, Great Britain, arriving on 13 March. Assigned to the 31st Minesweeping Flotilla, she was present on D-Day. Cowichan returned to Canada for refit late in February 1945, and resumed her duties overseas in June.

Proceeding home in September, she was paid off on 9 October 1945 and placed in reserve at Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Sold in 1946 to a New York buyer and converted for mercantile purposes under Greek flag, she still existed in 1956 under her original name.

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HMCS Cowichan 147.

HMCS Cowichan (2nd of the name) (147)

In 1951 and 1952, the Royal Canadian Navy ordered fourteen ships of the Bay class as replacements for the aging minesweepers of wartime construction. They were re-classed as patrol escorts in 1972.

Built by the Davie Shipbuilding Co., Lauzon, Quebec, the Bay class minesweeper Cowichan was commissioned on 10 December 1953, but was paid off on 31 March 1954 and transferred to the French Navy. Renamed La Malouine, she served until 1977.

A ship on the water.

HMCS Cowichan 162.

HMCS Cowichan (3rd of the name) (162)

Built by Yarrows Ltd., Esquimalt, the Bay class minesweeper Cowichan was commissioned on 12 December 1957, and was a member of Training Group Pacific until paid off on 22 August 1997.

Battle honours

Badge of HMCS Cowichan.

Badge of HMCS Cowichan.

  • Atlantic 1941-1945
  • Normandy 1944
  • English Channel 1944-1945
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