HMCS Charlottetown

A naval ship travels on the water.

HMCS Charlottetown K244.

There have been three vessels named Charlottetown in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Charlottetown (1st of the name) (K244)

Commissioned at Quebec City on 13 December 1941, the Flower Class corvette Charlottetown arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 18 December. She served with Western Local Escort Force until mid-July 1942 and then transferred to Gulf Escort Force owing to increased U-boat activity in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. She was employed as escort to Québec-Sydney convoys. On 11 September 1942, she was torpedoed and sunk by U-517 in the St. Lawrence River, near Cap Chat, Québec. Nine of her ship’s company was lost.

A naval ship travels on the water near a forested harbour.

HMCS Charlottetown K244.

HMCS Charlottetown (2nd of the name) (K244)

Commissioned on 28 April 1944 at Quebec City, the River Class frigate visited her namesake city in Prince Edward Island en route to Halifax on 22 May, where she was assigned to Escort Group 16. She left Halifax on 7 March 1945 for Londonderry, Northern Ireland. In May, she escorted two convoys to Gibraltar and two back, and in mid-June left Londonderry for Sydney, Nova Scotia. There she commenced a refit and on 3 March left for Esquimalt, British Columbia. She spent the rest of the year training cadets and new entries, and on 25 March 1947 was paid off at Esquimalt. She was sold the same year and her hull expended as a breakwater at Oyster Bay, British Columbia. She has the distinction to bear the same pennant number, K244, as her predecessor.

A naval ship travels on the water.

HMCS Charlottetown 339.

HMCS Charlottetown (3rd of the name) (339)

The Halifax Class frigate was commissioned on 9 September 1995 in her namesake city. On 12 August 1997, she visited her namesake port and was the first Canadian warship to pass under the Confederation Bridge. In February 1998, she began a six-month deployment with the Standing Naval Forces. On 12 January 2001, she sailed for the Arabian Gulf, joining an American Battle Group in sanctions against Iraq. Later that same year she supported coalition against international terrorism, conducting arms embargo operations and screening of other naval units in the area. In 2004, she represented Canada in overseas celebrations for the 60th anniversary of D-Day. In 2006, she underwent a mid-life refit. On 1 November 2007, she departed Halifax to join with an American Carrier Strike Group, deployed to the Persian Gulf region to conduct Maritime Security Operations in support of the War on Terror. In 2014, HMCS Charlottetown participated in the Halifax-Class Modernization Project and she upgraded her communications and sensors equipment.

In 2016, she deployed on ROTO 5 of Op REASSURANCE, joining Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG 2) in the Mediterranean Sea as part of Canada’s participation in NATO’S assurance and deterrence measures in Eastern and Central Europe to reassure those nations of the Alliance’s intent to support stability and security in the region. HMCS Charlottetown also deployed on ROTO 7 of Op REASSURANCE, joining SNMG 1 in operations in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. She is stationed in Halifax and continues to conduct operations in support of Canada’s domestic and international policies.

Badge of HMCS Charlottetown

Motto: “All Challenges Squarely Met”

Battle honours

  • Atlantic 1942
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence 1942, 1944
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