NCSM Cayuga

Named after the First Nation’s tribe, there has been only one vessel named Cayuga in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Cayuga (R04 / 218)

Commissioned at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 20 October 1947, the Tribal class destroyer Cayuga sailed on 4 February 1948 for her assigned base at Esquimalt, British Columbia. She left there on 5 July 1950 as Senior Officer’s ship of the first three Canadian destroyers to serve in Korean waters.

Cayuga carried out three tours of duty there, the last in 1954 after the armistice. In 1952, between the second and third tours, she was rebuilt as a destroyer escort. Returning from Korea in December 1954, she spent the next four years carrying out training on the west coast of Canada. Cayuga transferred to the Halifax in January 1959 for five more years in the same capacity.

Paid off at Halifax on 27 February 1964, she was broken up at Faslane, Scotland the following year.

  • Builder: Halifax Shipyards Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Laid down: 7 October 1943
  • Launched: 28 July 1945
  • Date commissioned: 20 October 1947
  • Date paid off: 27 February 1964
  • Displacement: 1,927 tons
  • Dimensions: 114.9 m x 11.4 m x 3.4 m
  • Speed: 36 knots
  • Crew: 259
  • Armament: four 4-inch (102-mm) guns (2 x II), two 3-inch (76-mm) guns (1 x II), six 40-mm (6 x I), four 21-inch (533 mm) Torpedo Tubes (1 x IV) and two Squid mortars.
  • Motto: Onenh owa den dya (Now let us proceed)

Battle honours

  • Korea 1950-1952
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