HMCS Albro Lake

An overhead view of a naval radio station by the water.

HMCS Albro Lake.

There has been only one establishment named Albro Lake in the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Naval Radio Station Albro Lake (NRS Albro Lake) was a naval radio station operated by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Established in 1942, surrounding Albro Lake, then several kilometers north of the town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. NRS Albro Lake was divided into two locations; the primary receiving site was located on the grounds of NRS Albro Lake, and its primary transmitting site was located at NRS Newport Corner, 50 kilometers northwest (NRS Newport Corner being a sub-unit of NRS Albro Lake). NRS Albro Lake also had secondary transmitting capabilities for forwarding along transmissions it received.

Its call sign was CFH and it was constructed at a cost of $6 million. It could receive from (and transmit to, through NRS Newport Corner) locations halfway across the world, stretching from Murmansk, Russia to the Falkland Islands. The facility was instrumental in helping allied navies during the Battle of the Atlantic in combating the U-boat threat.

NRS Albro Lake was renamed Her Majesty’s Canadian Naval Radio Station (HMC NRS) Albro Lake on 1 July 1956. Dartmouth's growth during the post-war years degraded radio reception as the town became a city by the early 1960s. For this reason along with the unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968, HMC NRS Albro Lake was closed. Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Mill Cove opened in 1967 as the replacement receiving station.

The site of NRS Albro Lake is now occupied by Highfield Park housing development.

A badge with a gold rim and blue and white striped background. At the centre of the badge, a red compass with lightning bolts at the tip of each direction is interlocked with two ships’ masts.

Badge of HMCS Albro Lake.

  • Date commissioned: 1 July 1956
  • Date paid off: 18 September 1967
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