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Sign up for training in one of our many sea trades and learn what it is to be a sailor. As part of crew aboard one of the fleet’s state-of-the-art frigates, support vessels, maritime coastal defence vessels or submarines, you will be part of centuries-old traditions that have made seafarers proud to call the navy home. Sail with your crew on operations and exercises that can take you down Canada’s coastline or across the world.

Whether it’s as a non-commissioned member or officer, the Regular navy or Naval Reserve, opportunity abounds. Enjoy endless career possibilities, an exciting path and an adventure – that pays you!

If you enjoy working as part of a team and using your mental and physical strengths in an exciting, fast-paced setting, then the navy is a course worth sailing.

Explore the different ways you can serve in the Royal Canadian Navy.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Pacific Region

The RCN in the Pacific Region

Maritime Forces Pacific

Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) in Victoria, British Columbia is responsible for generating and maintaining multi-purpose, combat-capable maritime forces prepared to conduct operations in Canadian waters, and in support of national objectives anywhere in the world.

MARPAC employs about 4,000 military and 2,000 civilian personnel and spends over $500 million annually in payroll, supplies, services and construction.

Commander MARPAC is also the Commander of Joint Task Force (Pacific) with operational control over forces deployed in response to a domestic crisis.

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt is located just west of Victoria, British Columbia and is home to the Canadian Pacific Naval Fleet.




National Capital

The RCN in the National Capital Region

National Defence Headquarters

The Royal Canadian Navy is directed through Naval Staff Headquarters in Ottawa by the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy whose mission is to lead the strategic development and generation of Combat Capable Multi-purpose Maritime Forces and to provide advice in support of Maritime operations. 







Atlantic Region

The RCN in the Atlantic Region

Maritime Forces Atlantic

Headquartered in downtown Halifax, N.S., Maritime Forces Atlantic is the largest formation of the Royal Canadian Navy.

It is responsible for generating and maintaining the 18 ships and submarines of the Atlantic Fleet, as well as providing routine planning, command and control, coordination, and logistical support to all Royal Canadian Navy warships and other naval assets deployed in the world on Canadian Armed Forces operations.

Maritime Forces Atlantic is home to 38 units, mainly regrouped under the five following organizations: the Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters; the Canadian Forces Base Halifax, including the Canadian Forces Station St. John’s; the Canadian Fleet Atlantic; and, the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott.

With approximately 10 700 trained and experienced military and civilian personnel, Maritime Forces Atlantic is one of Halifax’s largest employers. Its contribution to the regional economy approaches $520 million annually, including salaries, supplies, services and construction projects.

Naval Reserve

The Naval Reserve of the RCN

Naval Reserve Headquarters

The Naval Reserve, headquartered in Québec City, is made up of 24 Naval Reserve Divisions (of up to 150-200 personnel each) located across Canada. Its goal is also to help generate trained individuals and teams for Canadian Armed Forces operations including domestic safety operations as well as security and defence missions, while at the same time supporting the Navy's efforts in connecting with Canadians through the maintenance of a broad national presence.

The Canadian Forces Fleet School Québec (CFFS Québec) is the only school in the Royal Canadian Navy primarily oriented toward reservists. It considers trades training as its main field of activity, but is also involved in regenerative training.





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