Supply ships

The Protecteur-class auxiliary oil replenishment (AOR) ships re-supply task groups at sea with food, munitions, fuel, spare parts and other supplies.

Launched in 1969, the Protecteur-class ships can carry an enormous amount of supplies, including 14,590 tons of fuel, 400 tons of aviation fuel, 1,000 tons of dry cargo and 1,250 tons of ammunition and can transfer these stores to other ships through hook-up lines and re-fuelling hoses in a manoeuvre known as a Replenishment at Sea.

With their large storage capacity and extended 7,500 nautical mile range, these vessels allow our task groups to potentially stay at sea indefinitely, allowing for greater responsiveness from our task groups.

The Protecteur-class ship’s homeports are Esquimalt, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The current Protecteur-class ships are:

  • HMCS Protecteur
  • HMCS Preserver