Long Range Patrol Submarines

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The Victoria-class long range patrol submarines are the Navy’s “special forces”. These stealthy submarines are well armed and capable of patrolling over vast distances, while their flexibility allows them to perform a wide range of unique naval missions.  

Acquired from the Royal Navy in the 1990s, the Victoria-class submarines can operate in the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic approaches to Canada and significantly extend the Navy’s tactical and strategic capabilities.


Speed: 12 knots (surfaced), 20 knots (submerged)

Patrol Endurance: approximately 8 weeks.

Complement: 48 crew and 5 trainees.

Driving Depth: > 200 metres


The Victoria-class submarine’s homeports are Esquimalt, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The current Victoria-class submarines are:

  • HMCS Victoria (876)
  • HMCS Windsor (877)
  • HMCS Corner Brook (878)
  • HMCS Chicoutimi (879)