Submarines - Command Teams

 The current command teams for the Victoria-class submarines are:

HMCS Victoria (876):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Andy MacKenzie
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Richard Cobb
  • Coxswain: CPO2 Chris Lockley

HMCS Windsor (877):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Peter Chu
  • Executive Officer: Lt(N) Éric Isabelle
  • Coxswain: CPO2 Shane Applin

HMCS Corner Brook (878):

  • Officer-in-Charge: LCdr William Matheson
  • Executive Officer: vacant
  • Coxswain: CPO2 Blair Jensen

HMCS Chicoutimi (879):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Stef Ouellet
  • Executive Officer: Lt(N) Munro
  • Coxswain: CPO2 Jacob Underwood