Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Protecteur (AOR 509)


HMCS Protecteur


Protecteur was commissioned in Saint John on 30 August 1969.  During 1973 she joined SNFL for a five month tour along with HMCS Margaree.  This was the first time two Canadian units worked with this group and the first time an AOR was assigned to this fleet.  She left Halifax on 24 August 1990, as a participant in Operation Friction, Canada’s contribution to the the multinational naval force in the United Nations’ action against Iraq following that country’s invasion of Kuwait, returning home on 7 April 1991.  In the fall of 1991 Protecteur made visits to ports in Newfoundland, and a year later journeyed south to offer aid to victims in Florida of Hurricane Andrew.  She sailed from Halifax on 15 October 1992 to begin a two-year refit at SRU(P), Esquimalt, returning to service in August 1995.  On 9 July 1993, she was effectively transferred to the west coast fleet.  On 16 September 1999 she departed Esquimalt to join the multinational forces responding to the crisis in East Timor.  After serving as the force logistics co-ordinator for five months, she returned home on 2 March 2000.  A major refit was undertaken in 2001, and on 22 May 2002 Protecteur departed Esquimalt to replace Preserver in the Arabian Sea for Operation Apollo.

By the time she returned to Esquimalt in November 2002, Protecteur had sailed more than 50,000 nautical miles (3,000 km) and delivered over 150,000 barrels of fuel.  Over the next decade, she was a fixture of Maritime Forces Pacific in national and international exercises such as Trident Fury and RIMPAC, and on several occasions served as the allied MIDPAC oiler.  On returning to Esquimalt from one such deployment, on 27 February 2014, she suffered a major engine room fire that disabled the ship, causing her to be towed first into Pearl Harbor and then for return to Esquimalt.

Protecteur formally was paid off on 14 May 2015, remaining at Esquimalt awaiting disposal.


Quick Facts

  • Builder:                       Saint John Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Saint John, N.B.
  • Laid down:                  17 July 1967
  • Launched:                   7 July 1968
  • Commissioned:           30 Aug 1969
  • Paid off:                      14 May 2015


Commanding Officers

  • Capt(N)                     D.R. Hinton                                       30/08/69-13/07/71
  • Capt(N)                     J.P Côté                                          13/07/71-24/07/72
  • Capt(N)                     D.N. Mainguy                                    24/07/72-31/05/74
  • Capt(N)                     A.M. Brookbank                                 31/05/74-12/02/76
  • Capt(N)                     J.C. Wood                                        12/02/76-28/07/77
  • Capt(N)                     L.A. Dzioba                                      29/07/77-04/08/80
  • Capt(N)                     R.G. Guy                                          04/08/80-02/11/81
  • Capt(N)                     R.C. Waller                                       02/11/81-01/07/84
  • Capt(N)                     B. Johnson                                       01/07/84-27/06/86
  • Capt(N)                     H.L. Davies                                      27/06/86-26/04/88
  • Capt(N)                     J.K. Steele                                       26/04/88-10/07/90
  • Capt(N)                     D.J. McClean                                    10/07/90-09/01/91
  • Capt(N)                     C.D.E. Cronk                                    09/01/91-07/04/91
  • Capt(N)                     D.J. McClean                                    07/04/91-20/11/92
  • Capt(N)                     R.S. Edwards                                    20/11/92-26/02/93
  • LCdr                          N. Leak                                           05/02/93-19/07/93
  • Cdr                           W.G. Buckeridge                                19/07/93-31/08/94
  • Cdr                           G.H. Gadd                                        31/08/94-10/07/95
  • Capt(N)                     K.C.E. Beardmore                              10/07/95-03/07/97
  • Capt(N)                     D.G. McNeil                                      03/07/97-07/01/98
  • Cdr                           R.P. Harrison                                    07/01/98-27/08/99
  • Cdr                           R.A. Maze                                        27/08/99-15/08/01
  • Cdr                           M.R. Bellows                                    15/08/01-17/06/04
  • Cdr                           G.R. Peskett                                    17/06/04-12/08/05
  • Cdr                           K.B. Larkin                                       12/08/05-07/07/06
  • Cdr                           S.N. Cantelon                                   07/07/06-19/09/08
  • Cdr                           I.D.H. Wood                                     19/09/08-01/05/09
  • Cdr                           F.M. Knippel                                     01/05/09-17/05/09
  • Cdr                           W.S. Bates                                      17/05/09-15/06/10
  • Cdr                           J.N. Tremblay                                   15/06/10-06/01/12
  • Cdr                           T.W. Bonnar                                     06/01/12-12/12/13
  • Cdr                           J.A. Elbourne                                    12/12/13-20/02/15
  • LCdr                          W.B. Brown                                      20/02/15-14/05/15



There have been no previous ships in the RCN to bear the name Protecteur.


Battle Honours

HMCS Protecteur has earned theatre honours for operations in the Persian Gulf (1991) and Arabian Sea (2002).   Following RCN tradition, these honours would be perpetuated to any future ship of this name.





SOUTIEN AVEC COURAGE (Support with courage)