Fleet & Units

Canada's 33 warships, submarines, and coastal defence vessels are divided more or less evenly between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

  • The Iroquois-class destroyers are area air-defence destroyers with advanced command and control communications systems that allow them to act as the flagship for a task group.
  • The Halifax-class frigates with their capability to deal with threats below, on and above the sea surface are the “workhorses” of the Canadian Navy task group concept.
  • The Protecteur-class supply ships replenish task groups at sea with food, munitions, fuel, spare parts and other supplies.
  • The Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels’ primary missions are mine counter measures and coastal patrol.
  • The Victoria-class submarines are the Navy’s “special forces”, performing a wide range of unique naval missions.

The home ports of the fleet are Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) in Esquimalt, British Columbia. These formations manage all aspects of fleet maintenance, training and manning, while maintaining the fleet at optimal readiness for deployment as the Canadian Armed Forces and government see fit.

The ships of the fleet can be deployed in a number of roles; as a uniquely Canadian response to a domestic or international need or as part of a larger multinational deployment. Deployments can involve the insertion of one ship into a multinational force or a large essentially self-sufficient task group of complimentary ships, submarines and aircraft.