Frigates - Command Teams

The current command teams for the Halifax-class warships are:

HMCS Halifax (330):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Scott Nelson
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Nick Buxton
  • Coxswain: CPO1 Trent Mahoney

HMCS Vancouver (331):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Jonathan Kouwenberg
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Hooper
  • Coxswain: CPO1 Steve Wist

HMCS Ville de Québec (332):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Michael Eelhart
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Rusty Hodgson
  • Coxswain: CPO1 John Gilley

HMCS Toronto (333):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Martin Fluet
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Jeremy Samson
  • COXN: CPO1 Alena Mondelli

HMCS Regina (334):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Jake French
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Brian Henwood
  • COXN: CPO1 Dave Bisal

HMCS Calgary (335):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Kouwenberg
  • Executive Officer: LCdr JD Forbes
  • COXN: CPO1 Arvid Lee

HMCS Montreal (336):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Geoffrey Simpson
  • Executive (acting): Lt(N) Patrick Foran
  • COXN: CPO1 Todd Hodder

HMCS Fredericton (337):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Blair Brown
  • Executive Officer (acting): LCdr Nicole Robichaud
  • COXN: CPO1 Darryl Dejong

HMCS Winnipeg (338):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Mike Stefanson
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Anthony Lefresne
  • COXN: CPO1 Gordon Gibbons

HMCS Charlottetown (339):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Nathan Decicco
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Adriano Lozer
  • COXN: CPO1 Barry Eady

HMCS St John's (340):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Peter Sproule
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Chris Tait
  • COXN: CPO1 Cavel Shebib

HMCS Ottawa (341):

  • Commanding officer: Cdr Alex Barlow
  • Executive Officer: LCdr Tyson Bergmann
  • COXN: CPO1 David Lowther