The Iroquois-class warships are area air defence destroyers, and their advanced communications capability and extra accommodations make it an ideal command and control platform.

Built in the early 1970s, in the early 1990s they were extensively converted and refitted with sophisticated anti-air weapons systems, an improved propulsion plant, advanced surface and sub-surface weapons and communications systems.

Like Canada's newer Halifax-class Canadian Patrol Frigate, The Iroquois-class are equipped with one of the world's most advanced integrated combat control systems. In peacetime, they can employ their high-tech systems for a variety of important missions, from search and rescue to fisheries and sovereignty patrols.


Displacement: 5,100 tonnes (full load)

Length: 129.8 metres

Beam: 15.2 metres

Draught: 4.7 metres (keel)

Engines: Twin shaft COGOG: Main: 2 Pratt & Whitney FT4-A2 main gas turbines producing 50,000 shaft horsepower; Cruise: 2 Allison, 570-KF cruise gas turbines producing appropriately 7,500 shp.


The Iroquois-class warship’s homeports are Esquimalt, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Iroquois-class warships are:

  • HMCS Iroquois (paid off)
  • HMCS Huron (paid off)
  • HMCS Athabaskan
  • HMCS Algonquin (paid off)