Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship Project

Video: Building Harry Dewolf – Chapter 1

Building Harry Dewolf – Chapter 1


AOPV 430 is laid down at the Halifax Shipyard

11 March 2016


Tom Tullock, Irving Shipbuilding


What we have behind me is the start of the flat panel line. This is a state of the art series of robot welding equipment, made in Finland. The idea is to take the flat steel sheets that come across from the Marine Fabricator Facility in Dartmouth, and then perform various functions on them as they move their way along the flat panel line, eventually getting them ready to form the bulkheads, decks, and so forth of the AOPS.

The initial stage of it is behind me and it consists of a full penetration one sided welder; basically takes two flat sheets of steel, joins them together and runs a weld along. Something that would take a team of welders all day to do in old-type of technology, this can do in a matter of minutes, and it’s operated by only two people.


Building Harry DeWolf