Pleasure Craft Reporting Requirement

The paragraphs below list the required information for submission and the regulations in effect.  For convenience, please download the associated PDF form, on this page, that is to be completed and returned within 1 hour of arrival in the harbour.

1. All pleasure craft entering the harbour must be licenced or registered.  All pleasure craft must call in to Winchelsea Control (VHF Channel 10 or 16), when south of Maude Island, to inform of their visit to Nanoose Harbour.  Prior to anchoring, pleasure craft are required to register their arrival, intended duration of stay, and departure from the harbour, by contacting the Queen’s Harbour Master (Nanoose Harbour) at 250-327-4142, or a harbour official at 250-363-7584.  Upon arrival, pleasure craft reporting requirement information must be provided to a harbour official.  The completion and return of the form is to be administered within 1 hour of arrival in the harbour.  The completed form can be e-mailed to the Harbour Management Authority at

  1. Arrival Date
  2. Intended Duration of Stay
  3. Vessel Name
  4. Make
  5. Type (Power / Sail)
  6. Length (Overall)
  7. Hull Colour
  8. Cabin Colour
  9. Licence or Registration information
  10. Functioning Holding Tank On-Board  (Yes / No)
  11. Functioning Engine  (Yes / No)
  12. Full Name of Legal Owner
  13. Address
  14. Telephone Number
  15. Cell Phone / Pager Number
  16. E-mail Address
  17. Insurance  (Yes / No)
  18. Emergency Contact Information (must be displayed in a conspicuous place on the vessel and updated as required)


2. Do not anchor your vessel anywhere in Nanoose Harbour, unless you have received authorization from a harbour official.  Pleasure craft may only anchor south of a line drawn west of Datum Rock and in the vicinity of Fleet Point.  Every pleasure craft anchored in Nanoose Harbour shall be moored with two anchors and in the manner directed by a harbour official.  A harbour official must first approve anchoring in any other area of the harbour.

3. Nanoose Harbour is open to the public for temporary recreational use only.  Authorization for pleasure craft anchorage will not exceed a maximum of 21 nights during a 40-day period.  Long term anchoring of pleasure craft is prohibited in Nanoose Harbour.  Boaters may extend their stay by moving to a marina after their allowable anchoring time has expired.

4. The following activities are prohibited in Nanoose Harbour:

            a. discharging of black water (sewage);

            b. rafting of pleasure craft at anchor; and

            c. live-aboard vessels, whether temporary or permanent.

5. Pleasure craft are monitored, to ensure they are maintained in a seamanlike manner, with prudent anchoring arrangements, and stowage of equipment.