RCN Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Analysis / December 7, 2016

The RCN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 represents a continued focus to evolve as the RCN moves forward in its second century of existence. Change is critical to the future success of any organization – stagnancy or traditionalism has simply never been the bulwark of the RCN. This part of the RCN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 provides an appreciation of where the RCN finds itself today, outlines the changes necessary to remain a combat-ready and effective Navy, and captures how we as a modern enterprise will manage this change.

RCN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 builds upon the achievements of the RCN Executive Plan 2013 to 2017 whose focus was on Navy Renewal and fleet recapi­talization. Navy Renewal sought to fundamentally change the organizational structure of the RCN as the predominant enabler to managing the complexity of fleet recapitalization that was on the horizon. It saw functional authorities created and aligned, and modern governance processes introduced. It also guided the necessary steps to ensure that the bridge to the Future Fleet was in place – a modernized Halifax Class, the Victoria Class at steady state, and a renewed Maritime Helicopter Project. All of this was accomplished while maintaining excellence at sea whenever called upon by Canada.

RCN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 manages an RCN that is returning to a steady operational tempo but is taking on a greater recapitalization effort. This challenge, coupled with the Government’s Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged – necessitates that the RCN not only remains aligned with higher level intent, but that we continue to look beyond the immediate horizon and continue to chart the longer-term direction of the Navy. This weather eye to the future is key to ensuring a combat-ready and effective Navy that is “Ready to Help, Ready to Lead and Ready to Fight”, both today and tomorrow.